“If love is countable, it must be only in short glances…”

Does every story start with a glance? How many stories does a glance contain? “27 short glances” is a story presented by movement about the search for love. Using dance and music, artists tell the story about meeting other persons and longing for closeness, about the presence that we appreciate only when experiencing absence. In the performance, the traditional ritual thinking about the relationship between two people is confronted with the contemporary culture of multitasking, -constant running, passing each other on the way, and the world of reality is mixed with the world of memories and dreams depicted here by the spectacular sky dance on ropes.

“27 short glances” is a theatrical and dance spectacle, in which dance is realized both at the level of the audience and on the wall of the building. The performance is accompanied by music, visual effects and text that guides the viewers through the whole story presented by the artists.

Choreography and performance:

Anna Kamińska
Nina Minor
Katarzyna Pawłowska
Dagmara Woźniak
Patryk Durski
Jakub Kruczek
Krystian Łysoń
Jakub Urbański

Director: Katarzyna Pawłowska

Light design: Maciej Kosteczka

Song supervisor: Paulina Dziuba

Voice recordings: Michał Paduch