I became a dancer because of my desire to fly. The transcendence of gravity was always something that moved me. There is no secret meaning in my dances. They are a spiritual exercise in a physical form.

Trisha Brown

The reality of sleep is undiscovered and phenomenal. What is oneiric is always first of all non- describable, non-memorable. Then, when the body “dies” for a moment in sleep paralysis, all stimuli are silenced or gently distinguish themselves from one another by annexing  the world of imagination. Our brain does not stop working, it creates for us a world, in which we really feel the existence of our own and the outside world.

Are we touching, experiencing, tasting or just dreaming?

In reality we see things, maybe not fully adequately and not always true, but we are able to control them and we have the illusion of understanding them. When dreaming we wake up in a different reality, we invent a parallel plot in which the body is not immersed in a sleeping paralysis, does not negate the possibility of overcoming the laws of physics, bypasses time and space in its own operation. Dreaming becomes as real as any waking experience.

 The performance Especially Curious Cases is the creative idea/ impression about the psychological and physiological nature of sleep, which makes us realize,  that regardless of what we know about ourselves, it is only a small scrap of who we are. Regardless of whether our nightly dreams are giving meanings for incidental electrical discharges of the brain or are Freudian fulfillment of dreams and needs, for us they have become a fascinating and abstract world whose narrative is always in the first-person.


The performance attempts to face what dreams are for us. Can they tell us something about this reality or, on the contrary, can they become it?

The performance has also become an invitation for the inhabitants of Łódź to actively participate in the life of the theatre – a place of exchange and dialogue with the contemporary spectator. The inspiration to create the performance was the online “Notebook of Dreams” platform in which we asked the Internet users to share their dreams about a particular subject – flying. We have received a lot of stories in which people learned to fly, control the body with wings and were afraid of falling. The premiere of Especially Curious Cases took place on September 16, 2017, in the Creative Industry Plant WI-MA in Łódź.

As part of the premiere, there was also an exhibition of paintings by Raspazjan – a muralist, painter and social activist.

And just like that, I simply realized that it is a dream. To be sure, I thought I would like to float above the Earth. And so it happened.

The Notebook of Dreams

Concept: Anna Kamińska

Performers: Dagmara Woźniak, Jakub Kruczek, Jakub Urbański, Katarzyna Gorczyca, Katarzyna Pawłowska, Krystian Łysoń.Nina Minor, Patryk Durski

Music: Przemysław Degórski, Maciej Baranowski

Light design: FT Design