LineAct is a group of artists from many different fields of art. Our mission is based on the search of innovative and original solutions in creating a theatrical performance in the urban space. Each performance created by us is largely based on the part of the urban fabric in which it takes place. It is important to begin a dialogue with the architecture, to recognize its movement potential, not only passively interpret its visual reality. Valuable inspirations in our creative work come from the local history and traditions. We want the situation shown in our performances to be a special kind of meeting between the actor and the audience, a kind of relationship in which we learn from each other, in which we can recognise each other.

Part of our mission is also the cultural education of young people. Our goal is to enrich their world by developing the imagination and physical sensitivity through the practice of dance and acting. In LineAct musicians, actors, dancers, muralists and video artists can find space for exchanging and sharing their artistic experience.